Professional Development at Rage Industries

We know, the job hunt is hard! We’re here to help you turn your boring application materials into tailored masterpieces, with quantitative experience and cool graphics to help you land the job you want.

Whether you need content editing, a new design, or a full overhaul, Rage Industries has crafted the right resume package for you. Our editorial and graphic design services will help ensure your resume is looking and reading great.

We’ll help you identify your top qualifications and detailed selling points to craft the perfect cover letter, both in content and aesthetics. Packages also include personal or professional letterhead, providing a consistent brand across all your materials.

No, a selfie doesn’t work as a headshot. Give the best first impression to potential employers with our professional photography services (available only to clients in the Greater Denver, Colorado Area).

Sample Work

Single Package Rates
Resume or Cover Letter

  • Package A
  • Package B
  • Popular
    Package C
Package APackage B
Package C
Content Editing
Formatting Design

Professional Headshots

  • Popular
    Package D
  • Package E
Package D
Package E
Full Body

** Includeds full color, black and white, and transparent background in both formal and informal attire

Multi Package Rates

  • Popular
    Package F
  • Package G
  • Package H
Package F
Package GPackage H
Resume Content Editing
Resume Formatting Design
Cover Letter Content Editing
Cover Letter Formatting Design
Personalized Letterhead
Full Body Photo

Students receive 10% off!

Only Valid For Professional Development Services

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