Optimize your business processes using cutting-edge technology like machine learning and data mining. Our research team will use advanced classification and prediction techniques to help inform your important business decisions. 

Data Mining

• Data exploration
• Data scraping from Online resources
• Data preparation and cleaning

Data Visualization & Analysis

• Story representation of data
• Pattern recognition
• Experimentation, validation, and evaluation


Exploratory research is always performed before the hypothesis or research question is determined. This allows the team to fully understand all stakeholders and the requirements generated by the client.

Meeting Expectations

A concise list of requirements will be developed to ensure that all parties are on same page before moving forward with any analysis. After analysis is complete, a full report with data visualizations will be provided, completing our consulting service to you. 

Scientific methods

Our report format will follow the standard APA or IEEE styles. Your report will include an Intro (optional), Background Research, Methodology, Experiments, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, and Future Recommendations.

For validation purposes, the data and code will also be provided.

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